Alexis Dawn Geller |Creative Director & Jewelry Designer

"I want my pieces to be conversation starters that ‘makes’ an outfit."

Alexis Dawn Geller, a South Florida native, is the founder and lead designer for her recently launched jewelry line ROXHOUSE. Having come from a creative family, her grandfather invented the Roledex, she was predisposed with an innate urgency to “create”. Raised in Fort Lauderdale, she was a fixture on the scene at her parents’ interior design company that focused on luxury window treatments. Her mother studied design at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and is also a big influence when it comes to ROXHOUSE.

Geller always had a lust for fashion, having been designing her own clothing and crafts starting from a very early age. About a decade ago she began to teach herself how to make jewelry not only to express her individuality, but because she was unable to find a style that was feminine but funky. She was searching for classic pieces that had an edge. Taking matters into her own hands, she purchased “how-to” books and tools, watched YouTube videos and sought advice from successful jewelry designers she crossed paths with. As time went on and she became advanced and started to perfect her skill set her collection of one-of-a-kind pieces started to grow and friends, family, colleagues began to notice giving her positive feedback and requesting custom pieces of their own.


Feeling a strong connection with the energy and vibe of natural gemstones, it felt organic to include them in most of her statement pieces. “The earthy vibes I pick up from the different stones I use in my jewelry make me feel connected to each piece I create, they are also a perfect contrast to the cold, hard gold, silver and bronze metals I use,” says Geller.

What initially began as an outlet to relieve stress from her day-time job, Geller is a Licensed Clinical Social worker who spent ten years helping others cope with the worst times in their lives, making jewelry seemed to relax her after a long day. “After an extremely mentally exhausting day, I would come home and throw myself into a creative space not even noticing the hours that were passing by. It became the time my mind is the clearest and most peaceful,” says Geller. Alexis has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and her Masters in Social Work.

Alexis’s biggest inspiration when developing the concept for ROXHOUSE is drawn mainly from nature in its true natural beauty. All ROXHOUSE pieces that feature gemstones are natural and sourced by Geller herself, all over the world from exotic places such as Hong Kong, Brazil, Egypt and Japan. ROXHOUSE defines the perfect balance of masculine and feminine elements in each piece while keeping her designs classy and edgy at the same time. The collections consist of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and watches for men and women.

Alexis Dawn Geller settled in Miami Beach three years ago and sees it as the perfect place to launch her line. “Miami can be one person’s runaway and another person’s beachy getaway. When it comes to fashion, anything goes here, it’s unlike any other city in the world,”