Onyx Journey


It has been a year and half since my twin brother, Blake, received his bone marrow transplant. It's been a beautiful time  filled with resilience, determination, and clean cancer screens but some reason way beyond what anyone can understand, the cancer has come back.

Blake is now enduring another strong round of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the doctors strongly believe he needs a new bone marrow donor so they cannot use me again.

And so it begins, another long journey ahead. Blake got through it last time and he certainly will again. The people that stepped up and posted pics wearing their Onyx Journey bracelets, friends that reached out, and the constant check-ins propelled Blake forward.

Along with your prayers and good vibes, we once again invite everyone to pull out their Onyx Journey bracelet and wear it proudly. In continued support of Blake's journey, ROXHOUSE has also created a new bracelet that has one white quartz bead in the middle. Quartz is known to be the 'master healer'. We will be offering this bracelet for a $10.00 donation. In addition, we have also added a link if you would simply like to make a donation. Please continue to share pics of your bracelets with Blake using #theonyxjourney to let him know you are in this with him.

To order your #theonyxjourney white quartz bracelet, please enter your size below to proceed with your donation:

For anyone interested in being tested as a bone marrow match, it is a super simple process to join The National Bone Marrow Donor Program. Just visit the link below and this organization will send you a swab kit directly to your house:

We sincerely thank each of you for your support and positive vibes! Love to all!!!