Introducing Ruckus for Roxhouse

Ruckus For Roxhouse is a collection of unique jewelry pieces that encompass and exude energetic vibes.

Each Piece in the collection is designed to be interchangeable between men and women. Bold yet understated stones bring together the surrounding materials of Vintage Bronze, Brass, Leather, and Silver.

The Gemstones are light catching, breath taking, and perfectly imperfect.

Ruckus For Roxhouse has chosen to use such gemstones as Druzy's, Agates, Natural Crystals and Tigers Eye. These stones are exquisitely unique and contain a confidence within themselves that is undeniably contagious.

Roxhouse chose these specific gemstones for the Ruckus collection to perfectly compliment the well balanced and captivating traits of DJ Ruckus. From his focused dedication to his charming humbleness, Ruckus encompasses the passion, the energy, and the funk Roxhouse represents.